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What You Should Know About CenturyLink:

CenturyLink has recently acquired Embarq, Savis, and CenturyLink.  Thanks to these recent mergers, CenturyLink is now the third-largest telecommunications company in the United States.
CenturyLink owns and operates more than 173,000 network miles and 17 data centers.
Telarus is the only master agent that can quote CenturyLink services in real-time using their patented quoting tool known as GeoQuote. Telarus agents also have a competitive advantage with CenturyLink through their dedicated CenturyLink team of experts. The Telarus CenturyLink team assists agents on complex deals and provisioning. Due to the large volume Telarus places with CenturyLink, CenturyLink has also dedicated a team of experts and engineers to help Telarus agents on opportunities, designing networks, provisioning, and more. CenturyLink Business Products:

  • Data T1
  • Bonded T1
  • Frac/Full DS3
  • Frac/Full OC3/12/48
  • Ethernet over Copper
  • Ethernet over DS1/DS3
  • VPLS
  • Metro Fiber Ethernet
  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • Integrated (SIP Handoff)
  • Integrated (PRI Handoff)
  • Integrated (Analog Handoff)
  • POTS Lines
  • Colocation
  • Local Voice
  • Dedicated LD (In/Out)
  • SIP (Local/LD Trunks)
  • Point to Point
  • MPLS
  • Ethernet WAN